Administrative Law

The Administrative Law Department at Hamburger Evron & Co. is knowledgeable and experienced in the field, not least thanks to the firm’s extensive body of work on planning and building issues – an area that often interfaces with public law and requires dealing with administrative rulings vis-à-vis public authorities and bodies, while managing cases in all administrative and judicial instances, including the Supreme Court.

 The Administrative Law Department, headed by Haim Waintrob, is proud to stand behind a number of precedents and major cases in the field of administrative law, including a petition on a matter of principle focused on the policy of a local authority regarding the operation of businesses on the Sabbath; representation on a number of administrative issues in the communications market, including the issue of HD broadcasting at the Israel Broadcasting Authority, and the issue of sports broadcasting rights; representation of senior appraisers in the reform of the Planning and Building Law, regarding appointment of appraisers with deciding powers in betterment levy disputes, and more.

 Among the firm’s clients in its administrative law practice are leading public and private companies, as well as high-tech and biotech companies. The partners are often involved in providing legal counsel on administrative law to companies in the fields of business, real estate and finance. Counsel in this complex area includes, inter alia, tenders, administrative litigation in all its many aspects, and representation of clients in Commissions of Inquiry.

 In the field of administrative law, the Department has special expertise on the matter of tenders which, beyond their financial significance to clients, constitute fertile ground for litigation. The Department’s attorneys have accumulated extensive legal experience on tender matters and provide a comprehensive legal service, including negotiations, drafting of tender documents, legal advice on associated legal issues, implementation of the tender itself, initiation of petitions aimed at contesting tender outcomes or alternatively protecting the winning bids, and more. Among other things, the Department was involved in drafting the tender on behalf of the Accountant General at the Ministry of Finance for the establishment of a public hospital in Ashdod, and tenders for large-scale construction projects.

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