Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Department at Hamburger Evron & Co. provides its clients a wide array of effective and creative solutions for resolving disputes. It acts in the belief that proceedings taking place outside the court – arbitration, mediation and others – may very often lead to the best outcome for the disputing parties, while also considerably minimizing their damage.

We believe that the use of mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings out of court, with cooperation between the disputing parties, not only leads to the best outcome in the present, but also allows the parties to build relations based on reciprocal communication, tolerance and growth looking forward.

The ADR Department, which evolved out of the firm’s Litigation Department, brings comprehensive experience in managing complex and often deeply-rooted disputes in all areas of commercial law, including real estate, contractor disputes, land issues, financial claims, partnership disputes, intellectual property, banking, insolvency, inheritance battles, private equity and more.

Head of the Department, Gabriel (Gabi) Moyal-Maor, is a senior partner who, over the years, has accumulated extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience in managing commercial disputes on a broad variety of issues. Adv. Moyal-Maor is a prominent and highly-respected litigator. Among his clients, he counts many of the leading and best-known entities in the Israeli economy, including banks, major commercial corporations, entrepreneurial and contractor companies, business people, and others. Adv. Moyal-Maor is a veteran arbitrator and mediator, who brings extensive experience in successfully managing highly-complex arbitration and mediation proceedings brought before him by the courts and by parties to the dispute. He previously served as Chairman of the Arbitrations and Mediations Committee of the Tel Aviv and Central District Branch of the Israel Bar, and now serves as Chairman of its Ethics Committee.

Due to the fact that HE&Co. places the best interests of the client as its supreme value, the ADR team gives clients the option of settling different types of commercial disputes in a discreet proceeding, that is fair and expeditious, and personally tailored to the needs of the parties, while avoiding the traditional legal proceeding, the protraction of which may cause the parties aggravation, heavy expenses and reputational damage.

The ADR team provides its clients with a dynamic and modern toolbox for settlement of their disputes, with the aim of doing so quickly and successfully, and bringing the parties to a point where they can continue to maintain their commercial relations with one another in the future, or to end them with fairness and on a good note.

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