Insolvency, Receivership and Liquidation

Law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. specializes in the handling of complex insolvency and corporate recovery cases. The Department’s attorneys, headed by Assaf Englard, serve as receivers and liquidators, as trustees in bankruptcy, and as trustees in stays of proceedings in some of the most complex and intricate cases in Israel.

The firm’s uniqueness lies in the interface between the fields of real estate and banking. Its substantial experience in representing banks, coupled with a deep understanding of land and property, and planning and building issues, enable the firm’s team to meticulously handle receiverships on real estate projects, while applying multidisciplinary knowledge.

The firm’s clients in insolvency, receivership and liquidation cases include Israel’s largest commercial banks, and some of Israel’s foremost companies, which the team represents in legal proceedings – whether as plaintiffs or defendants – throughout the various courts and tribunals.

The Department’s attorneys have served as receivers for thousands of residential units in the aggregate, including in large residential projects in Elad, Nesher, and Ashkelon, and have also served as operating receivers for a company in the metal industry. Moreover, Adv. Englard serves as receiver for shares in a large public company worth tens of millions of shekels, as well as for shares in one of the Israeli petroleum companies in order to enforce liens registered on the shares in favor of a bank.

The Department has extensive experience in managing proceedings and resolving complex problems vis-à-vis the planning and building authorities and the tax authority. It also has broad experience in handling the betterment of mortgaged properties. The team undertakes management of properties of special complexity, including properties occupied by squatters and trespassers. In terms of property management, the firm typically works to maximize yield with the approval of the court.

The firm’s Insolvency, Receivership and Liquidation Department stands behind a number of important precedent-setting rulings, including: thorough analysis by the Tel Aviv District Court of the proceedings relating to creditors’ meetings and the classification of creditors; representation of a party on the sale of a property with poor building rights; involvement in a precedential case that discussed the involvement of the court in a composition with creditors; representation of a bank in a case on the relationship between banks in the context of inter-bank agreements, and on setting priorities among the banks as creditors, and more.

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