Private Clients, Trusts and Estates

This Department, headed by Shai Pines, provides support and ongoing legal counsel to Israeli and foreign clients alike in all matters related to the local and overseas management of private and family wealth and assets.

As a multidisciplinary law firm, Hamburger Evron & Co. provides its private clients a full range of legal services, including creative and current legal solutions in the complementary areas required to effectively manage trusts, including commercial law, real estate law, taxation law, property law, investments, financing and more.

In light of his vast experience and the reputation he has gained over the years in this area, Adv. Pines advises high-net-worth families and private clients (HNW and UHNW) from all parts of the world and especially from Western Europe, the United States and Latin America, who wish to efficiently, discreetly and fruitfully manage their assets, as well as to make sure that the property will remain under family ownership for future generations.

Pines serves as a trustee of numerous Israeli and foreign trusts alike, including trusts whose beneficiaries are US persons for tax purposes. In this context, he manages and supervises preservation of the trust’s assets on an ongoing basis, while also providing advice on potential investments and legal matters that are integral to the process.

Due to the changing nature of market requirements in the modern world, and in order to ensure the most up-to-date management and assessment of the wealth and personal assets of its clients, the Department’s team is in frequent contact with cutting-edge professional advisers in Israel and abroad, including attorneys, tax consultants, real estate consultants. and accountants.

The legal activity of Adv. Pines in this field has been recognized in the most important ranking guides in the legal world. For example, ever since 2012, the international ranking guide, CityWealth, has ranked Adv. Pines as one of Israel’s most prominent attorneys in this field.


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