Technology and Life Sciences

Hamburger Evron & Co. has many years of experience in the fields of Life Sciences and Technology, and is proud of working at the forefront of technology in Israel, serving a large number of corporations, private investors, and institutional bodies in a multiplicity of funding and investment transactions.

The firm’s Technology and Life Sciences Department, headed by Yaron Sobol, advises companies from the phase of the crude idea and the first steps of entrepreneurship in start-ups (pre-seed), continuing to the seed stage, the formation of the company and support of its ongoing operations, and culminating in the sale of the company, its business, or flotation.

The Department provides legal counsel to start-ups and advice throughout all stages of their formation and development on a daily basis and with regard to long-term strategy. Among other things, the Technology and Life Sciences team members assist in the incorporation of companies, planning of their capital structure, financing issues, and the creation of diverse international strategic alliances and business collaborations.

The Department is widely regarded as having particular expertise in technology law, notably in the fields of R&D, licensing and technology transfer.

Special emphasis is placed on strategic planning for developing and preserving the intellectual property (IP) unique to start-ups. The Department’s attorneys provide corporate clients an initial response in the form of patent registration, counselling on how to introduce and build the IP component of the company (a technological component in most cases).

The legal protection of IP commences with the company’s first NDA (non-disclosure agreement), through agreements for evaluation of the technology, agreements to transfer technology, and through to licensing and distribution agreements. The Department’s attorneys also counsel parties engaging with academic institutions in agreements to make use of existing technology or jointly develop new technology.

The Department also takes an active part in managing business negotiations, the structural planning and drafting of agreements, together with inherent involvement in the daily life of companies, which includes advise to entrepreneurs and management at every stage of the company’s life cycle, including incorporation, preliminary financing, the raising of venture capital, foreign financing, exit strategy planning, and company restructuring, all in addition to support of their ongoing legal needs.

In recent years, the Department won a number of commendations, including:

Dun’s 100, the major Israeli rating guide, listed HE&Co. as a leading Israeli firm in the field of high-tech.

The Israeli ranking guide BDI Code ranked HE&Co. in the category of prominent law firms in Israel in the fields of high-tech and investment funds.

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