Bezeq has sold a building in Haifa with rights for 30 thousand sqm for about 40 million shekels

The current zoning plan refers to a 27-story tower designated for government offices • The rights are for around 30 thousand sqm above ground

06.09.17 | Ori Chudy

Globes has learned that a telephone exchange in Haifa has sold for about 40 million shekels (not including VAT). The building in question is the ‘Shikmona’ exchange, in a building located at 19 Pal Yam Boulevard in the city – an old building comprising three floors of offices where a Bezeq telephony exchange, a customer service center and a store owned by the Group previously operated. The building also has two floors of underground parking. The total built up area of the property amounts to about 12 thousand sqms (including the underground car park).

Globes has also learned that the property was purchased by two companies: Agadim and B. Kima Investments, and that they intend to promote a plan for the construction of a building to house offices and commercial space. Agadim was represented by Adv. Dor Shacham of law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. B. Kima was represented by Adv. Pini Shahar of law firm Shahar & Co., and Bezeq was represented by the law firm of Adv. Firon.

At the present time, these buildings are not in use. In the past, a plan was promoted for construction of an office building in the area, and in the 1990s a building permit was even issued that permitted construction of some 22 thousand sqms, but the permit was never realized, and it expired.

Bezeq has confirmed the details, as have Agadim and B. Kima Investments, saying that “the deal is now closed and we are now evaluating how to proceed. The current zoning plan refers to a 27-story tower designated for government offices. We do not intend to demolish the existing buildings on the lot because they were already built as a base for a tower as permitted by the zoning plan, and we will only need adjustments. The lot has an underground car park with 300 parking spaces.”

At Bezeq they also added that “a plan is currently being promoted in Haifa that talks of mixed use for this whole area. The moment it is approved, it will be possible to combine commercial, employment, hotels as well as residential spaces in the building. We are now looking for the perfect mix for the project. There are rights involved for roughly 30 thousand sqms above ground. The entire area is now undergoing renewal and the municipality is very interested in developing the area.”

It should also be noted that the lot purchased by the two companies is located in the vicinity of the District Court, and the 29-floor “Rocket” building, which houses various government departments.