Going Public - IPO Walk Through

Adv. Yaron Sobol

This blog, the first of its kind in Israel, is brought to you by the hi-tech department of law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. It will give you a close up view of one of the most fascinating areas of the activity of Israeli companies overseas – IPOs on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in the United States.

This blog is designed to give you the assistance and guidance your company needs to get the process off to a good start, build a strategy in an informed manner, and learn from the experience of others. Here you’ll be able to read about the activity of Adv. Yaron Sobol, a partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., where he heads the Technology and Life Sciences Department and is one of the lead attorneys in the firm’s Corporate, International Transactions and Cyber Security Department.

Yaron’s legal counsel has supported many companies on their way to an IPO on Nasdaq.

Transformation – From Private To Public

Transformation – From Private To Public In our first post, we became more familiar with the unique environment that many technology companies (and others) choose to operate in, when deciding to go public at the NASDAQ exchange market. We investigated the main characteristics that

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NASDAQ Who? Welcome to Hamburger Evron & Co.’s High-Tech blog – IPO Walk Through. I am excited to launch this blog, especially because of the great value that accompanies it. Through the blog, I will attempt to offer a special and personal reading experience, which

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