Make your career at Hamburger Evron

Israel has a great many law firms, but when you zoom in onto the front line of the Israeli legal world, the list of firms is considerably shorter. We at Hamburger Evron & Co. are proud of our firm’s strong professional status, and of its long-standing tradition of excellence, which characterizes what we do.

The firm truly serves as our home, where we develop, specialize and enjoy an enriching work environment, on both the professional and social levels.

Learn, influence, succeed

Whether you are a veteran and experienced attorney looking for the next challenge, or an intern at the start of your career and looking for a good home in which to grow, you belong with us.

Working at Hamburger Evron opens up opportunities to engage in a broad array of law areas and to become involved in fascinating cases concerning clients, many of whom are among the most influential in Israel.

We tend to cherry pick the people we invite to join our ranks, seeking out those who are most suited to the firm’s character – namely, people who have a high degree of professionalism, and are naturally dedicated and service-oriented. Team players, who also know how to work independently and take the lead.

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