Education as key to a healthy society – community involvement

As attorneys who have benefitted from a legal education and enjoy the fruits of academic studies, we are aware of the tremendous importance and contribution of higher education and study to the promotion of equal opportunities and the strengthening of civil society alike.

In the State of Israel, which is characterized by deep social and economic gaps, education is the key to a brighter future and is in fact the only way to reduce and even bridge these gaps.

At Hamburger Evron & Co., we believe that words need to be translated into action. To this end, we have set ourselves the goal of joining forces with organizations involved in promoting education, with the aim of helping people of lesser means to acquire a proper education and break the glass ceiling faced by many children from the country’s geographic and social periphery.

YRF Darca – Youth Renewal Fund

Educational fund YRF Darca was established in 1989 and has over the years operated a variety of education programs in high schools outside of the center of Israel. Through supplementary education, the organization has enabled children from a disadvantaged socio-economic background to achieve a good matriculation certificate and realize their inherent potential, thus increasing their chances of economic and social integration, as adults making a contribution to society
YRF has always worked from the premise that equality of opportunities in education and a narrowing of social gaps are key to a healthier and more cohesive society.

Senior Partner Amnon Sorek has been active in the organization for about 20 years, including as chairman. In 2014 he led a merger of YRF with Darca Schools, an organization established by the Rashi Foundation and All Israel Are Friends (Alliance Israélite Universelle – one of the oldest and most highly-respected organizations in the field of post-elementary education in the Jewish philanthropic world.

Darca operates a network of 27 high schools and two English teaching centers in Israel’s social and geographic periphery, with the aim of positioning them as leading educational institutions. The network is composed of schools serving diverse communities in Israeli society and actively works to strengthen the fabric of society across the country. The Darca network won the Ministry of Education’s National Education Award for the revolution in education it led in the town of Gedera.

As believers in the Darca way (Darca means ‘the way’ in Aramaic) law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. both contributes financially and provides the organization with pro bono legal services.

Darca’s Public Council comprises leading Israeli intellectuals, educators and practitioners from various walks of life. Amnon Sorek serves on the Darca Executive Board.

Adv. Sorek is active in other social organizations too, including the Center for Citizen Empowerment, together with another of the firm’s partners, Yaron Sobol. He also serves on the Board of WBAIS, the Walworth Barbour American International School in Even Yehuda.
The firm’s affinity for the field of education is also expressed in its relationship with academia. Senior partner Shai Pines is a member of the Board of Trustees at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law. In addition, the firm donates annually to the Faculty about ten scholarships for outstanding students and for students of lesser economic means. Adv. Pines also serves as a pro bono legal adviser to the Museum of Medicine currently under construction.