Hamburger Evron celebrates 90 years

Hamburger Evron celebrates 90 years; Minister Ayelet Shaked talks about experiences from America

04.11.18 | Shiri Dover & Michal Raz-Haimowitz

Thursday evening, Tel Aviv Port. Law firm Hamburger Evron is marking 90 years since its founding. Among the guests of honor: Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, who arrived accompanied by Adv. Ilana Saker, the Israel Bar Association’s representative on the Judicial Selection Committee, and billionaire Marc Rowan, founder and partner in private equity fund Apollo. Rowan, as a client of the law firm, came to Israel especially for the event.

In the program: A film reviewing and encapsulating 90 years of the firm’s legal activity, including mention that in the 1940s and 1950s the firm dealt with the registration of agricultural land. At the end of the film, Minister Shaked, said: “I’m the daughter of a family of farmers from Zichron Yaakov, and what I’m going to do now is to check whether you handled my family’s land…if anything remains incomplete, I will get back to you for further handling”.

Shaked also talked about the Judicial Selection Committee and compared what happens here with the United States. “I was in the Unites States last week and the Americans could not understand why I need to scrutinize every judge appointed and get the consent of the Judicial Selection Committee for him, since there it is done with the sole authority of the President” she pondered. On behalf of the government, she also thanked Rowan for his activity through the fund overseas against entities boycotting Israel, especially the BDS. Rowan, in his speech, mentioned the fund’s selections, saying: “We were the first to identify the investment in cannabis around the world, and today more and more institutions are following in our footsteps”.

Among those enjoying the nostalgia trip and the breeze: The firm’s senior partners, Advs. Shai Pines, Amnon Sorek and Gabi Moyal; Shauli Lotan, CEO and owner of Meshulam Levinstein; Adv. Oded Eran, chairman of Bank Hapoalim, who also attended as an old school friend of Adv. Shai Pines, a senior partner in the firm; Shaul Kovarinsky, the incoming chairman of Discount Bank; Eli Elroy, who represents businessman Eyal Ofer in Israel; Prof. Sharon Hannes, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University; Adv. Ram Caspi; the architect, Prof. Moshe Tzur; Zvika Gior, CEO and owner of Newpan; Tamir Dagan, CEO of Shikun & Binui Real Estate; Ron Lubash, Co-CEO of the Markstone Fund; Eitan Yochananof, owner of the Yochananof chain; and others.

Shall we meet at the centenary celebrations?