Approval is subject to ensuring the stability of the cliff and building a coastal park

07.12.20 | Ofer Petersburg

The Hof Hatchelet Plan in Herzliya was conditionally approved by the Coastal Environment (and the Coast) Protection Council.  The plan is based on an expansive coastal park that spans most of the shoreline.  This is an important link in the continuum of coastal parks built for the benefit of the city’s residents and the public at large. 

However, the Committee has noted that it would have been preferable to submit the coastal plan together with the plans for the new neighborhoods and the coastal park, in order to create one planning unit that optimally connects the city and the coast.  Consequently, the authorization is contingent upon ensuring the stability of the cliff, parking spaces and building in stages – the permits for residences in more than 75% of the apartments in Complex 1 and more than 60% in Complexes 2 and 3, only after the coastal park development is completed in that complex.

Upon completion of the conditions for deposit for which the Herzliya Municipality is responsible, as specified in the District Committee’s decision, the plan will be deposited and the plan published for objections.   
Adv. Miriam Donin Shoob of Hamburger Evron & Co, said that “the Herzliya Municipality is expected to effectively complete its handling of meeting the conditions for deposit, quickly facilitating the publication of the plan for objections.”