Internship at Hamburger Evron – the starting line to your success

A degree in law is the entry ticket to the practical school of the legal profession – the internship. For decades, law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. has served as a ‘greenhouse’ that nurtures top quality attorneys and assists its interns to enter the world of work equipped with knowledge, experience, and excellent tools and work methodologies.

Helping you complete your internship is our specialty

Interns are the future generation of the firm and we therefore very seriously take on the mission of training them, and invest time and resources to do so. We believe that the best way to learn is through practical experience, working closely with different attorneys, while gaining exposure to varied practice areas and to different types of clients and cases. Here you can learn from the best – our internship track offers training and mentorship by experienced partners and associate attorneys, virtually all of whom started their careers as young interns with the firm...

Five good reasons for doing a Hamburger Evron internship

1. Exposure to a variety of practice areas and mentors - The interns joining the firm are assigned to one of five main clusters: the projects and real estate cluster; the commercial litigation and banking cluster; the banking and finance cluster; the planning & building and administrative litigation cluster; or the cluster handling commercial law and international transactions.
This method enables a varied workload, working alongside many associates and partners, as you acquire skills in and familiarity with the cluster’s areas of practice.
Placement in the clusters is carried out according to the needs of the firm, while taking into consideration the intern’s preferences.

 2. Monitoring, feedback and mentoring - During the internship year, intern meetings are held from time to time, and personal feedback sessions are held quarterly. Our internship committee serves as the address for all the needs of the interns – from regulating the interns’ workload, through training and coaching, and through to addressing any problems arising during the internship.

3. Only law - Hamburger Evron & Co. maintains the boundaries between legal work and administrative work. Our firm employs a large administrative team, allowing the legal staff and interns to focus on pure legal work. The firm also provides the interns with a full ‘toolbox’ in the form of a large law library as well as subscriptions to all the leading legal databases.

4. Not only work - The work conditions are excellent at Hamburger Evron & Co. In addition, out of concern for our team’s wellbeing, the firm often organizes social activities, including company holidays abroad, joint events, office breakfasts for Jewish holidays, and more. The office itself is characterized by a warm and family-like atmosphere and by direct and unmediated contact between team members. The partners’ doors are open to all interns for questions and consultations, on any matter.

5. Professional horizon - Almost all the partners and associates currently working at Hamburger Evron & Co. completed their internships at the firm. This fact corroborates best of all how the firm sees interns as potential associates and partners. For those who prove suitable, opportunity will be given to stay on at the firm as associates upon completion of their internship. The internship is in many cases the start of a long-term relationship...

Jump into the water with full support

After being assigned to a cluster, interns receive cases to work on and become an integral part of the legal team handling the case. The interns are fully involved in the work, including participation in client meetings, attending court hearings, participating in internal consultations, and also conducting legal checks and engaging in the drafting of pleadings, agreements, letters, opinions and more.

What you say matters...

Our interns take an active part in the discussions and consultations with the other team members and are partners in setting out the case management strategy. Although management of the case is in the hands of the appointed attorney/s, and the key decisions are ultimately taken by them, they are certainly happy – and indeed expect – to hear the opinions of the interns. Good and creative ideas from the firm’s interns are frequently integrated into the firm’s output, such as agreements and pleadings, and have a significant impact on case management.

It’s up to you too!

The interns at law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. quickly discover that the nature of the work they are required to perform is affected by their personal capabilities and willingness to invest. Interns who demonstrate personal capabilities, excellence and readiness to take on challenges, will find themselves performing tasks similar to those assigned to young associates. It is important to remember that the firm provides a working environment and a learning envelope to facilitate growth, but it is up to the intern to extract the most and the best from the internship period.

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