The People who make Hamburger Evron

Hamburger Evron & Co. is a law firm of people, for people. Over the decades of our activity, we have taken care to maintain a high-quality, professional team of people who preserve our professional “flame” and the unique spirit that characterizes us. Today the firm has more than 40 attorneys, of whom 15 are partners.

We talk law; we understand business

Our legal team includes outstanding and experienced attorneys who are prominent in their fields of expertise. Some of our attorneys have an additional financial academic degree, and/or business experience, and are thus familiar with the client’s business considerations and know how to best combine the legal aspect with the business aspect. We know that professionalism alone is not sufficient and always keep in mind that there are people behind every document, contract and transaction....

The envelope that makes the difference

Hamburger Evron & Co. has an envelope of top quality professional people who support the legal team members, allowing them to perform their work to best possible advantage. 
The interns who are hired to work at the firm are graduates of Israel’s leading institutions of higher education.
In addition, the firm is blessed with stable administrative staff, who for years have been an integral part of its professional activity.