Several young adults have submitted a petition for a class action suit against the company claiming that they have difficulty locking the scooters after use – “A trip that should have lasted 20 minutes lasts two hours” – The plaintiffs report that the company is refusing to refund them their money accrued to the malfunction – Lime: “We refer to each inquiry seriously”

09.02.21 | Leah Spilkin

Traveling with Lime, leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth: Several young adults from central Israel are suing the Lime electric scooter company for NIS 2.5 million, claiming that they found it difficult to lock the scooter after they reached the designated parking area and were charged extra money each time. The Israeli branch of the company refuses to refund the money to the customers, saying that the claim is completely unfounded, but promises to refer to it seriously.

In a customer survey conducted prior to filing the claim, 300 people who participated in an online survey conducted in Central Israel, were asked about the process of locking the scooter using the application. The results of the survey indicated that 70% of the respondents had experienced difficulty completing the journey, although they had parked in the designated spot; and of these respondents, 80% were charged more money. In one case, a passenger even indicated that the trip that was supposed to last 20 minutes, lasted two hours, because he couldn’t complete the journey and he was charged an additional NIS 83.

The petition for a class action suit against the company was filed in Tel Aviv District Court by Adv. Menahem Abramowitz and Adv. Gal Rosenzweig of Hamburger Evron & Co. The plaintiffs estimate that each of the users of the application had accrued damages of NIS 106, which together totaled millions of shekels, taking into consideration the large number of users.

In New Zealand, where a similar malfunction occurred using the company’s electric scooters, the Company undertook to refund extra cost to the users who encountered difficulty for the time they had tried to lock the scooter unsuccessfully. However, according to the present claim, the Israeli company refuses to respond to the complaints and will not refund the money charged to the passengers.

Lime responds: “”The user experience of the drivers and the reliable and safe service provided to them is at the top of our priorities. Note that we respond seriously to every inquiry that relates to the use of our service. We will handle the petition to the court, although it is completely unfounded, through the proper channels.”