Achai Gomeh

Adv., Partner

Adv. Achai Gomeh is a partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., heading the Firm’s Capital Markets, Securities and Venture Capital Department.

Under his direction, the Department provides legal counseling to companies issuing shares and bonds to the public, representing them vis-à-vis regulators, investors, shareholders, underwriters and other existing and potential stakeholders. The Department also provides legal services in all areas of activity of the various financial institutions operating in Israel (broker-dealers, portfolio managers, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance agencies, etc.).

The Department further provides legal services to venture capital funds and high-tech companies from day one, with respect to, inter alia, strategy, investment and founder agreements, incorporation, equity and debt raising, employment agreements, corporate governance and M&A transactions, and other various issues associated with the daily and on-going operations.

Adv. Gomeh’s professional experience draws on years of having held senior General Counsel positions with prominent investment houses in Israel, where he led the legal department and took part in major M&As,

securitizations and unique legal transactions involving both publicly traded companies and the related regulators (e.g., Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) and Capital Market Authority (CMA)). Among others, Adv. Gomeh advised to venture capital funds, closely supported their investments in portfolio companies and, in the capacity of legal adviser, was also responsible for company secretary duties (in companies regulated by the ISA and CMA, in public companies and in the management companies of private equity funds).

In addition to his legal qualifications, Achai brings with him a wider perspective of economic, commercial and financing knowledge, enabling him to provide a wide range of counseling to his client.

Over the years, Achai has also accumulated experience in the field of risk management and control; among others, he engaged in close supervision of securities trading and brokerage activity, while acquiring expertise in automated trading and control systems. His activity produced precedential outcomes and contributed to the laying of solid infrastructure for automated controls of securities trading activity.

Achai is a cum laude graduate of law and management studies (extended unit) at the Tel Aviv University (Class of 2004). He also holds an MBA, majoring in finance, strategy and entrepreneurship from Tel Aviv University (Class of 2010). In addition, Achai acted at his alma mater as a lecturing teaching assistant for the MBA financial management course for accountants.