Amnon Sorek

Adv., Partner

Amnon Sorek is a senior partner at law firm Hamburger Evron & Co. and a member of the firm’s Executive Board.

Adv. Sorek is a multidisciplinary attorney specializing in commercial and corporate law, specifically transactions, M&As, real estate transactions and complex contracts.

Amnon is a partner in the Real Estate and Commercial Law departments.

His main areas of expertise are corporate law and commercial law, and he works closely with entrepreneurs in all sectors, providing legal advice throughout the life cycle of the project or the start-up, including on all aspects of financing and taxation.

In addition, Amnon has many years of experience in the real estate practice and he is involved in transactions for the purchase and sale of complex real estate assets, and represents developers and leading real estate companies in the construction of office towers, senior housing facilities, residential buildings and towers.

In terms of litigation, Amnon has played an important part in precedential rulings of the Supreme Court regarding intellectual property rights in cable broadcasting and many other precedential rulings regarding taxation and land taxation.

Amnon is known for his business acumen and his negotiation management skills. His unique business experience has instilled in him logical thinking that helps him distinguish between major and minor issues during complex transactions. He is adept at asking the right questions and in providing his clients with legal advice that demonstrates credibility and integrity. It is this experience that enables him to provide his clients with advice that goes beyond the legal aspects, allowing them to enter transactions correctly, while minimizing legal exposure and with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the other party.

Alongside his activity at the firm, Amnon has been involved in education for some 25 years and today serves on the Executive Board of the Darca Schools Association, which operates and manages a network of 32 high schools and two English teaching centers in the social and geographic periphery of Israel, with the aim of positioning them as leading educational institutions . The network is composed of schools serving diverse communities in Israeli society and actively works to strengthen the fabric of society across the country.

In addition, Amnon is a member of the Friends Association of Tel Aviv University, a member of the Executive Committee of the Center for Citizen Empowerment, and of the Advisory board of the Bat Sheva Dance Company.

Amnon holds an LL.B from Tel Aviv University (Class of 1986).