Dor Shacham

Adv., Partner

Dor Shacham is a managing partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., a member of the firm’s Executive Board, and head of its Real Estate Department.

Adv. Shacham has extensive experience in real estate law, planning and building law, corporate law, litigation and commercial law. In addition to leading the Real Estate Department, Dor also deals with real estate litigation, an aspect that supports and complements his professional commercial real estate practice.

Dor has accumulated experience in managing the legal support of dozens of complex real estate projects, primarily residential projects, commercial real estate and urban renewal. He leads the firm’s team of attorneys in this practice area, and is familiar with and involved in all the details – starting from the initial plans, through negotiations, the various contracts (sale contracts, consultants’ agreements, etc.) and through to registration of rights.

His experience and expertise enable Dor to handle especially complex real estate transactions, in which ‘out of the box’ legal and business thinking is very much required.

Dor holds an LL.B from Tel Aviv University (Class of 1991).